Hi. I'm Bobby. This is part of my life.

(posted 6/3/13)     You may have seen some of the hilarious things that come out of F&R's mouths on facebook, twitter or somewhere else. Here's a compendium.

(posted 4/3/07)     Hooray - it's baseball season again. And hope springs eternal, even here in Chicago. Cheer on the Butterflies right here. Here, here, here, and here you can see graphs of how the league is going over time.

(posted 8/25/06)     I've added little blurbs to all the books on my reading list.

(posted 6/4/06, modified 8/2/06, modified 8/23/06, modified 9/26, modified 10/2)     My fantasy baseball team is getting its butt kicked up and down the street not doing as well as I'd hoped starting to make it's move pretty much going to finish in third no matter what I do came in third. I have confidence we'll we'd reach the summit before the end of the season. (I blame the Yankees. For the first time I suspended my no-Yankees rule and picked up both Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson. Look how well THAT turned out) Here, here, here, and here you can see graphs of how the league went over time.

(posted 2/2/06)     Ooh. A new feature. I can read. I read a lot of books. Thanks, Electric Company. Anyway, I think I should start keeping track of what I read. So I'll do that here.

(posted 1/29/06)     Here is a link to the lyrics to my stupid song. I wrote it in 1997, and it's still the only song I've ever written. You'd think that if you only wrote one song every 30-odd years, you'd remember the thing. Well, apparently not. I got in touch with a friend from long ago, who asked about the song's subject, and I said that I had written a song about her, and I can't believe I couldn't remember most of it, and really, the only copy existed in my head. So during hours of being totally antisocial at a friend's birthday party, I pieced it back together, and it's recorded here for posterity. Though, really, mostly so I don't forget the thing again. Feedback is welcome, as long as you liked it.

(posted, um, May 2004 or so)     I finally fulfilled that other lifelong ambition and got on the TV show Jeopardy! More about that experience here

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